Gmail Mobile….and YouTube Mobile?

If you’ve visited Gmail today you’ve seen the new, it’s now mobile!

You could previously connect to Gmail through the web browser on your phone (WAP or HTML based), but this is a downloadable java application you can get at that works with java-enabled phones (you also need a data plan).    Here’s what the Google intro says….

Search the Web– At the supermarket and need to find the ingredients for thai curry? Just query “thai curry ingredients” on your phone’s Web browser to search through more than 8 billion pages for the recipe that will wow your taste buds. 

Search Images– Is that an oak tree or an ash tree? Search more than 2 billion images and get the one you need on your phone with Google Image Search.

Search the Mobile Web – Access the mobile web which is made up of sites that are specifically designed to fit your phone screen.

Mike at TechCrunch says its very easy and impressive.  Can’t wait to test it myself!

TechCrunch is also reporting that YouTube has mobility on it’s agenda, albiet not until the end of 2007.  I agree that it should (and probably will be) much earlier than that given that when you can get YouTube videos on your phone, after all, they are FLV videos and Adobe does provide Flash Lite and FlashCast technology for display.  It looks like a viable  

Anyone want to place a bet on when we’ll here the YouTube Mobile announcement?  My guess out of the blue is…April 07.