Under the Radar – great people doing great things!

Sean Wise (his blog is great) invited me to attend a great event.  It’s from the IBD Network, and its called Under The Radar.   First I should say, I love visiting Silicon Valley.  If you’re a current or budding entrepreneur and haven’t been, just go.  It is very inspiring to interact with others with bright ideas and feel the support structure that is in place to support innovation.

Under the Radar – Mobility was an event where startups that are ‘under the radar’ show their stuff.  This one was about mobility and there were some very cool companies there. Notables include:

  • Greystripe:  ad-supported mobile games – they one best in show and could be a real game changer
  • Loopt: location aware service, lets you know where your friends are and communicate with them
  • SharpCast: you’ve probably heard of these guys.  Content synching, cool.
  • MotionDSP: makes crappy video quality great.  Not sure what the business model is but its cool technology.
  • Plusmo: easily puts the web you want on your phone.  Plus the CEO is a cool guy.
  • Deam Interactive:  these guys were from Spain and their technology is awesome! You take a picture of an ad with your phone (on a bus, billboard, magazine, whatever), it gets scanned and compared against an database of ads (complied through agency-partnered campaigns), and you get back a promotional offer. Wow.

There were a ton of other great companies there that could one day be the next big thing. Thanks for Sean for turning me on to the event (and IBD is general) and Christine and the great ladies at IBD Network for putting this together.   Can’t wait for the next one this spring!