Escapade through Customer Service PT2: It’s my fault!?!

After, three more phone calls to Primus customer service, I finally got a call back today from their tech support department.  Here was the answer…

Primus: “Hi this is Primus, I understand you’ve been having an issue with service where your fax interferes with your voicemail?”

Me: Yes. It’s been three weeks now.

Primus: “Sorry about that but we fixed the issue.  What you have to do is program your fax machine to pick up on the other ring tone you have.”

Me: “Ok that’s fine, but it took three weeks for you guys to tell me that I have to do something?”

Primus: “Well, in the notes it looks like you logged the issue January 15th.  We just got the ticket in Tech Support January 31st.”

Me: “What?!? Since we first called about the issue almost three weeks ago, I’ve talked to five different CSRs. All of them told me that the issue is being worked on and it will be fixed within 24-48hrs. So, all of them lied to me?”

Primus: “I’m sorry that happened. You can definately log a complaint against the CSRs. We just got the ticket and fixed it.”

Me: “I understand. But actually, there was no fix.”

Primus: “Ya, I guess not.”

Me: “Ok, thanks. I guess I’ll write a complaint to the company.”

So, this post (and the last) is my complaint.  I didn’t have to program my fax machine when I was with Bell, so didn’t think I had to now.  The amazing thing is that none of the five CSRs I spoke with could tell me to do so! 

Bottom line:  Horrible customer service = loss of customer.  I’m deciding between going back to Bell or trying out Vonage.

Also, a note to companies:  Customers don’t care about what the CSR did/did not put in ‘the notes’, so stop using sentences that start with ‘well the notes say that…”.  If a CSR isn’t compitent enough to help me with my issue, why would I trust what they put in ‘the notes’?!?

My rant is over. Next post will be back on topic – everything digital. 🙂