HD is Alive. The Rich Web is on the Way

When the web became part of our daily lives back in the mid-nineties we enjoyed a world of text and graphics. Video hit the superhighway and we were introduced to a newer experience. Still, there are few times when you look at your browser and your eyes go wide and you think ‘wow, that looks amazing!’. Well, my friends, times are a changin’. Get ready for the Rich Web.

YouTube just launched a dedicated HD page. Sure, Hulu added HD over a year ago, and even Daily Motion earlier this year already have HD but YouTube is the king and people are finally getting turned on to a richer online video experience. And, it’s wonderful.  Check out the difference between SD and HD:

HD difference

Sure, your video will load slower (for now) in HD since it depends on your connection and network, but that aside, it makes for a richer viewing experience.  And, since virtually all monitors are capable of 720p resolution your computer is already an HD screen. But what excites me most is not only that we have HD online but that there is a movement afoot to make the web a richer, better place.

Companies looking to lead the pack are developing richer solutions; products that are just as amazing to look at as they are to use. SearchMe makes search nicer, SlideRocket gives presentations pizzaz, Cooliris is crazy cool, and we’re working on something that will help our clients go from now to wow.  Once the ISPs deliver the fatter pipe then there’ll be no stopping us and the web we know and love today will be the rich, beautiful, emmerssive experience we deserve.

We’re going from a bike to a Benz and we’ll wonder how we ever lived without it.