Google is king but people more likely to Bing?

adclickrate-bMediaPost has an interesting write-up on a study suggesting that although Google is still the king of search (by a landslide), more people are likely to click ads on Bing;

A study by the search advertising network Chitika suggests people who land on sites from organic search results via Bing are 55% more likely to click on an ad, compared with arriving on the site from Google.

Analyzing click-through rates from 32 million ad impressions across a network of more than 50,000 sites during seven days in July, Chitika found that people finding their way to sites from Bing clicked on ads 1.5% on average, compared with 0.97 percent for Google, and 1.24% for Yahoo. About 200 million unique Internet users come through the Chitika network monthly.
Although studies come in all flavors, and it’s difficult to say that Bing ads perform better than Google, I’m a growing fan of Bing. Microsoft has done a great job with image search and items related to your original search really help to guide you to what you’re looking for.

Competition is great. Let’s let Microsoft, Google, and others keep innovating and we all win.

Check out the full article here.