New Media School: Get Your Digital Education

Helping people understand the ever changing digital world is the mantra at Sensidea; it’s great helping clients discover what’s out there, what’s coming, and what it all means. But, not everyone has a digital brain to tap. Enter soon to launch New Media School, a online school focused on “teaching individuals and businesses how to succeed in the digital economy”.

Checkout the write-up at Techcrunch to learn more about what’s being offered and the list of speakers on tap. It’s hard to say but at this point it looks as though much of the content is geared towards the social web and associated topics such as social media marketing, blogging, etc.  It would be great to see New Media School thrive and offer a wide array of courses, not just those that are all the consumer rage. From a business perspective (which is what we’re concerned with), it would be great to see content on Digital Asset Management, Video Supply Chain, or the changing world of Content Management. These are all massive topics that IT, Web, and Digital Media Executives are thinking about every day.

Looks like Nick O’Neill and team are off to a great start and done right, New Media School looks to be a promising venture that I hope to see flourish.  When it comes to helping others get digital, we’ll all for it.