Apple’s Fight Against Flash Just Got A Lot Harder

The battle keeps raging and we all wait and speculate as to whether Apple will indeed keep up the fight and not support Flash on the iPhone/iPad. Well, their fight just got a bit harder for two reasons;

#1 According to Mike Chambers (Abode Principal Product Manager for developer relations for the Flash Platform) Microsoft is working with Adobe to support Flash on Win 7 phones and

#2 Flash is running beautifully on Android, and it’s not a simple game it’s Tunevision, a very impressive jukebox in the palm of your had. NewTeeVee has a nice write-up and I’ve re-posted the demo video below.

The real significance here is three-fold:

1. Flash is running beautifully on the iPhone’s #1 competitor, and in the plans of another

2. Flash is running well

3. Tunevision is running in the browser! That means develop once, not a version for Android, Apple, RIM

Of course, we’ll have to wait until Flash 10.1 is officially released and can get our hands on it but if nothing else, it makes the argument that Flash is a mobile lag a lot harder to make.

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  • Hollie Hilaire

    Just landed on this place via Google search. I love it. This post change my percept and I am acquiring the RSS feeds. Cheers.

    • Jaafer Haidar

      Hi Hollie – Glad to have you here!


  • tim hewitt

    Thanks for the article. A former die hard apple fan and flex worker there. This is bad decision making. I am betting the backlash will be huge and we’ll have to get rid of this bad apple. Please don’t but the iphone or ipad wait for google’s version.