Google Instant Changes the Game: Forget SEO?

Google launched a new salvo in the search battle today and it’s a game changer. Say hello to Google Instant.

Basically, your results will change as you type. No more multiple search queries and result pages, just change what you’re typing until you see the results that match. This has huge ramifications for search engine optimization companies; although sites should still be “optimized”, the number of actual full searches and result pages returned just got obliterated.

I’ve never been a fan of SEO practices that rely on words on a page. These type of “SEO consultants” simply destroy great design and conversion rate in order to try to fulfill the promise of getting listed on search engines. What good is it if a consumer comes to your site only to run away quickly when being confronted with ugly, confusion? Concentrate on great content, navigation, and design to keep consumers engaged. Optimize as best you can without destroying experience and value.

The simple truth is that users will now spend less time on irrelevant results and adjust searches and results on the fly. Getting user attention will be more about content authority, not putting a bunch of keywords on your site.

Great job Google, you just made search a whole lot smarter and fun again.