Free WordPress Job Aid for Your Business (or Blog)

WordPress started life as a great blogging tool but has grown up to be a very capable Content Management System providing everything you need to get a good looking, media savvy site up and running. With thousands of plug-ins, professional templates, and even more robust content management capabilities being offered by developers and companies online; for everyone but perhaps the enterprise market, WordPress is where it’s at (Microsoft agrees).

With that in mind I dug up an old WordPress job aid I’d put together that helped a few friends understand how easy it is to maintain their WordPress blog or site. It doesn’t go into detail on manipulating themes, or adding new features; it’s simply for those that need to know how to take care of their basic site but might be helpful to others as well. If you’re doing more advanced stuff that you already know all of this but I suspect there are a ton of small/medium-sized businesses or first time users that need help.

Enjoy, share and best of luck and as you get more familiar go nuts with pro themes and plugins to give your site more!