Hello…Again :)

I first started blogging in 2006…yes, 2006! But I haven’t blogged in 18 months. There’s a few reasons for that (no, I wasn’t in prison). Basically, our start-up company blog (where I would mostly blog from) was hacked and rendered unusable…and I was too busy working hard building something special so didn’t dedicate the time to get it running again. Our company, Carbyn, was acquired, so it all worked out and I’ve spent the last year getting used to my new digs at Synacor.

I just spent the last couple of hours reading some older posts and its amazing how much our tech world has changed! I’ve collected some of the most popular posts from the archives if you’d like to take a look (see “Popular Posts” in the sidebar –>).

So much has happened to me personally and professionally. I’ve been a part of starting two companies that were then acquired, grown my network like a weed (a nice smelling, healthy weed), spoke at conferences, invested in some start-ups…and most importantly met and worked with some great entrepreneurs and good people along the way.

So, with a renewed itch to share my experiences, ideas, and hoping to add a little intelligence, humor, and value, I’m back at it. Looking forward to sharing my thoughts and learning from yours. Hello again!